IAPAR International Theatre Festival features selected works that keep the actor at the center. It focuses on plays, which allows the actors to explore and create an innovative expression. The idea is to reach out across the globe and bring innovative work to the city of Pune. The festival encourages any kind of dramatic presentation, such as, a full-length play, short play, poetry presentation, story dramatisation, solo performance and any new creative innovations.


Thank you so much for sending in your entires!
Even amidst the difficult times we’re overwhelmed to have received so many applications from around the globe. Thank you for dedication in continuing to work for art in these difficult times. IAPAR International Theatre Festival will feature performances from across the globe, master classes, formal and informal interactions between artists from India & abroad. Wars and dissent, political hegemony, migration and instability, smothering of expression and artistic endeavours and many such agencies, are making ours a polarised world. No ready answers and solutions are available, to vent the unrest and dichotomy of thoughts, that is thrown up. The least, then, that can be expected, is to make available a platform to express these concerns and lend an ear to these ‘stories’. By this attempt we hope to lead up a new path, while definitely creating a fruitful ambiance, to be heard and seen. 

We hope things come back to normal soon look forward to a festival of good art and enduring spirit this November. Until then, please take care and stay safe.

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