Bal geet Ramayan, Hanuman ki Ramayan and Troll

On the fourt day of festival, Hanuman ki Ramayan and Troll were presented preceded by Bal geet Ramayan as platform performance by Aakar group. They sang three songs from Geet Ramayan, where three important phases of Ram’s life were rendered. First his birth, second marriage and third about Ram returning back to Ayodhya.


Hanuman Ki Ramayan is based on a short story by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik. It was adapted in Nautanki form. It was a story about ego. There were many children in the audience. As they said before, because of the Nautanki format the audience was an active part of the performance. After finishing writing Ramayan, Valmiki pride took a wrong turn and grew into ego. So the media of those times, Narayan, thought about trying his own way to make Valmiki think about it. He tells Valmiki that Hanuman has wrote Ramayan too and it is the best version. Now what will Valmiki do? That is story of Hanuman ki Ramayan. 


Troll is performed by Lennart Jacobson who recites Swedish Tales in English. Children enjoyed his performance and adults in the room turned into children as well. Those were the stories his family told him. Stories of giants, the little gnomes who hide in the trunks. Each story was performed beautifully. Showcasing his amazing storytelling skills, Lennart Jacobson took us into the forests of his childhood.

– Sanket Bagul