Festival 2018

IAPAR International Theatre Festival will feature selected works that keep the actor at the center. It will focus on plays, which allows the actors to explore and create an innovative expression. It will try to reach out across the globe and bring innovative work to the city of Pune. The festival will encourage any kind of dramatic presentation, such as a full-length play, short play, poetry presentation, story dramatization, solo performance and any new creative innovations.

Festival 2017

While great joy inevitably yields great abundance, rarely does this relationship work in reverse. With this in mind, we hosted the very first IAPAR International Theatre Festival in November 2016. Following this, we were thrilled to host the second IAPAR International Theatre Festival in November 2017, in the heart of Pune, a city brimming with culture, art and intellectual advancement.

Festival 2016

From 18th to 22nd of November 2016, we were joined by artists from Austria, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and of course India. IAPAR International Theatre festival is an official festival of the Indian Centre of International Theatre Institute. The festival is recognized by the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network for Higher Education in Performing Arts.

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