The Balancing Act – IAPAR (INDIA) and Moneyature Stories – Patheya

On the fifth day of festival, The Balancing act portrayed children’s magical world. When colours are still bright, minds yet to discover stress and hearts filled with curiosity. It was a compilation of normal day scenarios from children’s routine. Children portrayed by adults, those who are visiting that world and taking us along. As a child, world is a playground. But there are places where he/she shouldnt go. At least not before the right time. The Balancing Act exhibited those places and their effects on childs mind sensitively. Issues like bullying, stereotyping, domestic violence, sexual abuse were handled.

Childrens hearts and minds are like delicate flower that must be nourished like one. How children are supposed to balance between their fantasy world and reality? How they cope with it? The Balancing Act tries to showcase these questions. Finding solution is our responsibility.

As the play progressed smiles vanished, coloures faded and children turned into adults. Maybe we are trying to convert them into adults  before time, just like artificial ripening of fruits. Putting them in a never-ending rat race and killing their innocence in the process.

The Balancing Act is a play which will make children laugh and adults revisit their memories. Its fun, its colourful, its something we should to think about.

-Sanket Bagul