This Season

IAPAR International Theatre Festival will feature selected works that keep the actor at the center. It will focus on plays, which allows the actors to explore and create an innovative expression. It will try to reach out across the globe and bring innovative work to the city of Pune. The festival will encourage any kind of dramatic presentation, such as a full-length play, short play, poetry presentation, story dramatization, solo performance and any new creative innovations.

After every performance a conversation will be held between the performers and the audience. Apart from the main performances, the festival will also host a few platform performances before the main shows.

The festival will feature exhibitions involving various facets of artistic works, master classes by visiting actors and directors as well as well-known theatre practitioners from across the globe. A rich variety of programs such as film screenings and performances of music and dance will be held at the festival. This is a platform to bring innovative and creative theatre practitioners on a common platform for interactions, conversations and artistic engagements.

Main Festival of the Festival 2018

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