Acting Workshop – Ram Gopal Bajaj (INDIA)

The masterclass by Prof. Bajaj was facilitated over two days. Prof. Bajaj explained to the students how nature helps one become a good actor; animals use more vowels to convey their emotions. He talked about our senses and how they work together to react; how eyes, just by looking at some material, can tell if it is hard or smooth. It is all about making the senses strong. When any sensory organ senses something, one must observe how other sensory organs react to that. While talking about the purification of emotions, he shared that a good actor is like arampuri chaku – within a second, they can change their emotions. To make this happen, “Apko kisi ped ki dali tuti tobhi dukh hona chahiye,” he said. He conducted some exercises about contraction and expansion of the body, changing the leading point of the body, and shifting of emotions.

-Sushrut Mulavekar