Festival 2019

The 4th IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2019 happened from 7th to 12th November 2019 at Jyotsana Bhole Sabhagruha, MCC, Tilak Road, Pune. During these six days, the festival featured innovative performances from Georgia, Germany, USA and of course India, along with masterclasses and workshops by national and international theatre professionals, platform performances, a play-reading competition, and discussions. Intercultural exchange about and through the engaging medium of theatre, building relationships with diverse groups of theatre artists, and bringing original theatre from all around the world to Indian audiences are some of the things this festival facilitated in the heart of Pune.

Main Schedule of the Festival 2019

Festival Inauguration at the hands of Padmashri Shekhar Sen, Chairman of Sangeet Natak Akademi.

 Nirupan by RangPandhari (Pune, India)

The performance ‘Nirupan’ on the first day of the festival was directed and written by Ishwar Andhare, and was a RangPandhari (Pune, India) production. The performance started off with a melodious Abhang ‘Ram Krishna Hari.’ The play revolves around the Varkari Sampraday (Vitthala worshippers) and the discrimination that persists in the Math (the holy sanctum). The performance managed to pluck a string in the heart of the audience members. ‘Sakalansi yethe adhikaar‘; Everyone has the right (to worship Vitthala). The mesmerizing lights, set design, the songs accompanied by the various instruments used by the Varkari managed to fill the theatre with warmth. The performance was a critique of the growing greed for power and the fear of losing the power that one has, in this journey of pure faith and devotion. The performance reflected on the current socio-political situation as well through various symbols and metaphors.