Eladidi and Zaga

On day 02, ZAGA was presented at Platform performance. It is a site specific performance draws parallels between the spiritual and the physical. Integrating art and science in bringing a more synthesised awareness which begins in wonder and ends in wisdom.

Later on, ELADIDI was performed by Smt. Rituparna Biswas.
Ordinary story of an ordinary girl – ‘Eladidi’. We never got to see Eladidi onstage but we know how she looks, how she behaves or even how many marks she got. How? Because of Mukti! Mukti is the one talking about Eladidi. Not only Mukti but her father, Mother or even her Teachers. Mukti couldn’t be as smart as Eladidi but there’s something she’s wonderful at – storytelling. And that’s how she found herself again. We all are influenced by someone especially in Childhood. But what happens when that influence is very strong that it takes over what you actually are? When we forget that our idols are humans too. Or when the influence brings the bad side with it. Is it love or addiction? Children’s minds and hearts are precious that must be taken care like delicate flowers. Alas, in our society it is often ignored. Which can have life long effects and that’s what Mukti made us think about. Are we raising our children to suffer silently?
Mukti followed Eladidi’s fate after marriage. She suffered but did not gave up like Eladidi. She stood up to tell her story. Mukti reminded us that it is beautiful to be ordinary. Just be yourself and you’ll be uniquely beautiful. Ordinary story of an ordinary girl – Mukti. Somebody we all may know. Sitting besides you in auditorium, crossing a street with you, maybe your teacher or even your sister. Maybe that’s why her story became more heart-wrenching. It is something we all saw but did not noticed. Before leaving she took a promise from listeners, to tell their stories as well. Not to be silent. “I can smile and laugh more because of Eladidi” said the soul of Mukti, Rituparna Biswas.

-Sanket Bagul.