Psychological acting and psychological gesture by Subhendu Bhandari

The workshop was facilitated by Bengali theatre director and practitioner Mr. Subhendu Bhandari and Rituparna Biswas. The workshop explored psychological movements that awaken the actor’s inner life. It also dealt with methods of creating bold characters through gestures and movements. Bhandari asked students to form a circle and explained that everyone is equal just like the circle because one can’t define its starting point and ending point. The circle does not have one leader, everyone is leading the circle.

He conducted an exercise on psyco-physics with which he shared that one should keep things simple and easy. When an actor works with his brain and heart, he should be aware about his sixth sense. Every human being is an actor in his childhood because we see children copy or mimic other people or things very easily and with conviction. Actors should also have observing capacities like children. Every actor has his own layers and when an actor studies a character or performs the act, he should open his layers for better performance. Actors should cultivate the capacity to change gestures according to situations and surroundings.

– Bipin Ghobale