Goshtichi Goshta and OoPicassoO

What is it? A Tree? A Fish? No, A Tree in a Fish. Oh fish! A Hen it is! The Third day of IAPAR 2K18 had Performances for children which commenced with Platform Performance of Goshtichi Goshta by Tiny Tales which received tremendous response by audience followed by the First International Performance of the festival OOPICASSOO, Directed by Julia Dina HeBe which depicted the innumerable possibilities one can find to express oneself. Breaking the conventional form of theatre, watching OOPICASSOO makes you feel completely out of School. When you are given a white canvas and colours like Blue, Yellow and Red you have infinite possibilities of making
anything out of it, You have a chance to discover, to evolve. If you draw a picture of a Dog and if it’s not your dog, like the dog of your imagination, than it doesn’t express you. It is about finding your way of expressing, developing your own language. It was about Creating your own creation no matter if it’s Meaningful or Meaningless. It was about Painting without borders. Probably this is why Pablo Picasso once said I want to paint like a child.

– Anushka Sarkate