Introduction to Realistic Acting by Aniruddha Khutwad

Introduction to Realistic Acting Workshop – Aniruddha Khutwad (India) This two-day workshop was facilitated by senior theatre practitioner Aniruddha Khutwad who tought acting based on the Stanislavaski System. He tought students the difference between the concepts actor, character and role. ‘Actor’ is nothing but the creative state of the mind. ‘Character’ is invisible – the actor has to study the character and when the actor performs the character based on his study, that can be called the ‘role.’ He also delved into the ideas of real, reality, and realism. He shared that if the play is a lie, the actor has to act the lie. Just like reality, acting is not realism but it is conviction. The workshop concluded by running glimpses of the History of Theatre, Romanticism, Absurdity, Impressionism, and Expressionism in artwork.

– Bipin Ghobale