Festival 2018

IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2018 featured selected works that kept the actor at the center. It focused on plays, which allowed the actors to explore and create an innovative expression. It attempted to reach out across the globe and bring innovative work to the city of Pune. The festival encouraged any kind of dramatic presentation, such as a full-length play, short play, poetry presentation, story dramatization, solo performance and any new creative innovations.

After every performance, a conversation was held between the performers and the audience. Apart from the main performances, the festival also hosted a few platform performances before the main shows.

The festival featured exhibitions involving various facets of artistic works, master classes by visiting actors and directors as well as well-known theatre practitioners from across the globe. A rich variety of programs such as film screenings and performances of music and dance were held at the festival. This festival brought innovative and creative theatre practitioners on a common platform for interactions, conversations and artistic engagements.

Main Schedule of the Festival 2018

They don’t know a thing about her and they pass judgements. And when asked what if the judgement is wrong? They say ‘Chuk Bhul dyavi gyavi’.

Originally written by Martin Crimp as a reaction to the conditions of Europe, translated by Pradeep Vaidya and Directed by Alok Rajwade, ‘Tichi Satra Prakarne’ gives a grand opening to the first day of IAPAR 2K18 preceded by the inauguration ceremony by Mr. Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham (President of ITI-UNESCO) as a Chief guest, Festival Director Mr. Vidyanidhee Vanarase, Smt. Sushma Deshpande, President Indian Center of ITI, Dr. Praveen Bhole, Head of the department, Lalit Kala Kendra, SPPU and Ms. Aditi Venkateshwaran, Festival Secretary. The Post Performance Discussion was conducted by Mr. Dhanesh Joshi and Mr. Atsushi Kakumoto.

The play talks about a girl, Aashi who is stuck between her real self and ideal self and how she fails to choose what she feels right. Camera loves you. Camera likes you. You are liked by the Camera. The society will always keep her engage in goodies, fur and such negotiating it with her acceptance of inner self as her acceptance will cause chaos in society and her societal acceptance will never let her inner self drive her. She is a subject of gossip, a topic to discuss in hush hush tones, a crispy rumour, someone who is seen with one and all. She is a Mother, a Murderer, a traveller, a terrorist? A girl next door. She is a bit bold. A sensational model, or a porn star who feels independent because of the work she does and who is also immensely sensitive at the same time! And she has a bag! A red one! What is in her bag? Stones! Which has feelings, expectations, wishes and what not! But will anyone ever want to open that bag? ‘I don’t need your trouble, your trouble itself will make me disable’ says Aashi who would instead love to be her own victim! She can be anything and everything.

-Anushka Sarkate

Glimpse of Day 1